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The laws still do not protect transgender people evenly across the country.

The unemployment and poverty statistics remain high.

Two dozen killings are more than enough to make a tiny percentage of the population afraid of suffering a similar fate, whether in our homes or on the streets.

It’s easy for me to expect the violence to eventually dissipate from the privileged vantage point afforded by my whiteness and my employment.

February has already seen two fatal shootings: 35-year-old Tonya Harvey of Buffalo, New York, who, as the reported, was gunned down on a dead-end street; and 36-year old Celine Walker, who was killed in a Jacksonville, Florida, hotel room in early February, her transgender identity only brought to the attention of LGBT media after writer and advocate Monica Roberts blogged about the case.2017 was the deadliest year on record for the transgender community in the United States, with a total of 28 killings, surpassing 2016’s figure, which, in turn, was higher than the tally in 2015.

If the reported violence continues at its current pace, 2018 will match or exceed last year’s grim total.

People like me tend to think about these things in years: Surely, we think, 2018 is a better time to be gay in America than 1998.

21, after Trump’s initial ban suffered defeats in court last year.“Sure, there are a few transgender people on TV and in the movies now, but I think people in my position have been falsely conditioned to believe that a certain kind of media visibility precedes a deluge of acceptance.”Is it any surprise that anti-transgender violence is not abating in 2018 when the federal government seems determined not to protect this marginalized community, but to actively persecute it instead?As a recent GLAAD survey suggested, even American support for same-sex couples has the potential to backslide.I think, like too many people who are shielded from the worst forms of discrimination, I saw media visibility on the rise a few years ago and assumed that cultural acceptance for my community would automatically follow.Years are just numbers—lines drawn in an agreed-upon place between units of time.Yet somehow, every year, I naïvely expect the pace of anti-transgender killings—that relentless, awful thrum of headlines—to slow down. According to the Human Rights Campaign, four transgender women have already been killed in the first six weeks of the new year.

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