Accommodating color blind computer users transas tx 97 updating guide

Reduce your pallet to three sympathetic colours that contrast well with each other under colour blindness tests and restrict your design to just those colours.

Low vision is the term used to describe significant visual impairment that cannot be corrected with eyeglasses, contact lenses or vision surgery.

User studies and previous literature show that dynamic query choropleth map help users to quickly locate highs, lows and trends, to find specific geographic regions that match a query and retrieve details, and to detect the correlation between attributes [Norman et al. The scatterplot and the brushing capability can further enable user exploration of the data, discovering patterns, outliers, and relationships from both a statistical and geographical perspective.

Another tool you might want to try is the Color Contrast Analyzer If you are still struggling then you are probably trying to use too many colours.

Statistical data could be more widely used if it were made available through tools that help users gain insight by discovering geographic patterns, understanding temporal trends, or making financial decisions.

Dynamic query choropleth maps have been demonstrated to be a powerful visual thinking tool for these purposes.

Selecting items in either the map or scatterplot causes the corresponding items to be highlighted in the other (brushing), and also displays the items attribute values in the detail window (figure 1(b)).

YMap also supports zooming and panning to observe data patterns in smaller or denser regions which is often the case as in a US county view map and with map elements other than polygonal geographic regions, such as lines.

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