Adam green and binki shapiro dating levan davis dating

But for all her elegant charm (plus one adorable mid-song burp), she was simply outshined and overshadowed by Green.

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Green’s deep voice was the perfect compliment as Shapiro’s voice, smooth and warm, carried these quiet moments with ease.

An unexpectedly tender album of heartbroken duets and breakup ballads that we actually haven’t heard before.

Green’s humble baritone and Shapiro’s silky timbre blend beautifully, and in the recordings their joined voices soar to poignant, vulnerable heights.

The duo’s stone-faced backup band also didn’t help the situation.

As Green danced literal circles around them, bunny hopping and flapping chicken wings, the band trudged on, seemingly disengaged. Shapiro, who is certainly not lacking in stage presence or poise, has a quiet earnestness that should not be mistaken or misrepresented as disinterest.

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