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Although in 2010 he was convicted of murdering five people during the late 70s, some homicide investigators believe that has killed many more.

At least one estimate indicates that during the 1960s and 1970s Alcala killed as many as 130 people.

Rodney Alcala’s first known crime was at the age of 25 when he was convicted of raping the 8 year old, Tali Shapiro, but had fled to New Hampshire and changed his name to John Berger.

In New Hampshire, Alcala took a job at an arts camp but was recognized by the camp’s children, as the FBI had added his photo to .

Some of his other names that he used were Rod Alcala, John Burger, and John Berger.

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Alcala sits imprisoned in the California State Prison, Corcoran, as he pleaded guilty in the year 2013 and has since been sentenced for 25-years to life.

Among his possessions, a collection of photographs was found that numbered over a thousand, but not all could be identified.

of August in 1943 in San Antonio, Texas, had two sisters and a brother.

S Army but went AWOL after four years but later arrived at his mother’s apartment.

He was said to have had a nervous breakdown and was given a medical discharge by the psychiatrists in the military, for being diagnosed as having a where he was a film student.

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