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It can be used to record unsafe roadway conditions or monitor the driving habits of someone else such as a young, inexperienced driver or a aging senior (with their consent, of course).

And it can come in handy if you want to capture and share a funny scene, memorable trip moment, beautiful vista, or unusual happenings—like streaking meteors.“There are thousands of people who are injured and killed every year by hit-and-run drivers,” said Ben Schwartz, a personal-injury attorney we interviewed.

If something happens, you get an alert on your phone, and the camera automatically records and uploads video, which you can view on the app (or watch live at any time).

The Owl Car Cam is much more expensive than our other picks, though, and, while you get a year of free access to the company’s 4G LTE service (needed for the remote access features), it costs around per month after that.

A few details differentiate this pair: the 512GW records at 1440p resolution, has touch-sensitive buttons, and a plastic body; the 612GW records at a crisper 2160p (4K) and has both an easier-to-use touchscreen and a sturdier aluminum body.

You can also connect an optional rear camera to the 512GW.

The 360° Roundshot cam has been temporarily disconnected while we complete construction on the new Hot Wheels replacement lift at Alpine Meadows.

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It also has details common to higher-end units, like an integrated GPS receiver, Wi-Fi for connecting to a compatible smartphone app, and some handy driver assistance functions.The front camera—recording in 1080p resolution—provides good overall image quality, although it’s not as sharp as our single-cam picks.And the rear camera shows passengers more clearly than similar competitors, especially in total darkness.Its front camera is surprisingly sharp for a 1080p model, allowing us to read the license plates on parked and some passing cars at lower speeds.It also provides good color and contrast and decent dynamic range at night.

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