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This is marketing and brand.[quote]Welll, [R45] tell us something about her we don't know. But she's a total professional who hits her marks, and comes to set prepared.She does not want non-essential crew talking to her or to be photographed by paps or fans. And, her last hit film that she used this marketing genius for was? I'm so used to her looking boyish, I'm shocked by this feminine incarnation. And the image of Ellen and Drew doing it is doing it for me.r3, there's been rumors since the mid 90s that Drew hooked up with Jane Pratt (who edited Sassy and Jane magazines), and apparently a couple of years ago, Jane finally copped to the fact that they did. (Evan Rachael Wood, 22 / Marilyn Manson, 40)[quote]Is Drew still bisexual in private? She's really more lez than straight, but the media only wants to promote the men in her life. It's also Ellen's first lead role since her Oscan nominated turn in Juno. There was a poster here a while back who said that Drew was making Ellen P. Maybe all this lovey-dovey stuff is to hide any acrimony that they actually faced during production? I can't believe it, but Ellen looks gorgeous with long hair.Almost every lesbian who's commented on it here and other places is fine with it. Secondly, for some reason I think they just kissed each other during the shoot while they were playing around which makes it different than some skeevy photographer telling them to kiss. She's obviously one of those girls who grabs anyone around her and leans on them and holds their hand, etc..[quote]Do you think Drew might just be a little affectionate to everyone, all the time?

It looks like Ellen couldn't disengage herself if she tried. The person you are describing is the public persona of a person who earns their living having you spend money on their movies.The real person is all business and hates to be observed and photographed. She misuses words a lot because her education was so limited.In 2009, Barrymore - whose production company, Flower Films, has spawned several lucrative features - made her long-awaited directional debut with the comedy-drama Roller Girl (2009); TIME Magazine hailed her as "a sensitive director who knows how and when to let an emotional moment linger on the screen."Alongside a recurring guest spot (as the voice of Jillian; 2005-13) on Family Guy (1999), recent acting roles have included Verrückt nach Dir (2010), Der Ruf der Wale (2012), Urlaubsreif (2014), Im Himmel trägt man hohe Schuhe (2015), and the acclaimed Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet (2017), on which she stars and serves as executive producer.She was, at seven years old, the youngest person ever to host.

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