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By NAN News Editor News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri.May 27, 2016: It’s less often talked about but seen widely in many Caribbean nations –sex tourism!Sure, it’s nice to stay in the Marriott’s Aruba Ocean Club or the Hyatt Regency Resort Spa and Casino in Palm Beach, but these places have Yes, I’m talking about the beautiful girl with the bikini photos who went to the beach and to a Merengue bar with you. She wants to party and you should better know about the best club on the island.​Aruba is a tiny island in the Caribbean Sea with not so tiny women.They are pretty tall because most of them have Dutch ancestors.The Eastern Cibao and the Bay of Samaná: a beautiful bay often described as a “Paradise on Earth” The Western Cibao and the North Coast: the second largest city, the highest mountains in the Caribbean, and the popular beaches of the Atlantic Coast.

The only thing that’s important is that you stay away from the tourist hot spots.

So where are the top places for sex tourism in the Caribbean?

Here are the top four: 1: Dominican Republic The Dominican Republic is seeing a rise in sex tourism, especially female sex tourism.

It is estimated that anywhere from 6000 to 10,000 female work in the sex trade in the Dominican Republic, and many cross over from Haiti as well.

The Dominican Republic’s sex tourism trade may be so popular due to its relative accessibility from both the United States of America and Europe.

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