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I am struggling to find people who resonate the same values I hold.My friends I have now are deep down very lovely and caring - they are fun to be around and I love spending time with them.Should I voice my concerns to my friends and see if they will understand?Am I just overthinking, and making a big deal out of this over nothing? I will try to make the story as short as possible, but some details are necessary. I (22F) study abroad, while for him (23M) the uni is in his home country. He would text me every day, multiple times a day, and we would see each other multiple times a week.This was about five years ago, but it still bothers me til this day.I've had multiple friends go through the abortion process, and afterwards they were "never the same." Tears, severe depression.. I know every persons reaction to any experience is different, but I can't help but feel pretty darn cold about the entire situation. I felt sad, but only because I knew I was supposed to feel sad.

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I'm not a needy or desperate guy usually but I'm struggling to contain how much I like her, I've been single for three years because I was working on my life and now all of a sudden this woman has just rocked my entire world in three small weeks. Okay so, I am an 18 year old female, a fresh adult in the eyes of the law in Australia. I am 19, from Australia and in my second year of my university degree. I have been a very social person since a young age.Before I met him I had already arranged a summer internship back in my own country.But when we talked about it we agreed to keep seeing each ofher because we were having great times.They are not as forward thinking as me, don’t care about the news/current affairs, aren’t very mature, are not pro-active with their lives and don’t work as hard as me.I earn about 900$ a fortnight at my job and am saving up - my friends spend their money straight away and are very unorganised.

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