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One explanation is that people think it’s because the baby is in the mother’s womb for 9 months, which is about 1 year. The method for calculating this is a little tricky since it can vary with the lunar calendar, solar calendar, and your birthday.The simplest way to answer the age question in Korea is to just tell them the year you were born.That’s why African-American donors may be the best hope for patients with sickle cell disease, 98 percent of whom are of African-American descent. If so, you may want to prepare by learning some interesting facts about South Korea before you embark on your journey!

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People all around the world hear about Korea’s love for plastic surgery.Koreans also believe that the fast moving air caused by the fan makes it difficult to breathe, causing people to choke.Because of these beliefs, automatic shutoff timers on fans in Korea are seen as a life-saving feature.Type AB males will also do, but stay away from Type A’s!While not everyone believes in this, expect to hear about it while you’re in Korea.

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