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The other ship carries the monk Saichō, who returns to Japan to found the Japanese Tendai school, partly based upon the Chinese Tiantai tradition.

Ennin, a priest of the Tendai school, travels in China for nine years.

The Sangha divides into the Sthaviravadins and the Mahasanghikas led by the monk Mahādeva, primarily over the question of addition or subtraction of rules from the Vinaya.

Pyrrho, a philosopher in Alexander the Great's court, learns elements of Buddhist philosophy in India from the gymnosophists.

He incorporates parts of Buddhism, most notably the three marks of existence, into his new philosophy of Pyrrhonism which he introduces into Hellenistic philosophy.

Third Buddhist council, convened by Ashoka and chaired by Moggaliputta-Tissa, compiles the Kathavatthu to refute the heretical views and theories held by some Buddhist sects.

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Under the reign of Emperor Kanmu of Japan, a fleet of four ships sets sail for mainland China.

Of the two ships that arrive, one carries the monk Kūkai—recently ordained by the Japanese government as a Bhikkhu—who absorbs Vajrayana teachings in Chang'an and returns to Japan to found the Japanese Shingon school.

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