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As I watch the scene I felt my pussy hotter and hotter and its getting wet my pussy juices start running down my legs I took off my skirt and began to rub my pussy as my mom and I started climaxing I rub my pussy faster and faster my panties are soaking wet I saw my mom face turning red a vein in her forehead started to came up and she began to arch her back and then her legs and her feet’s and toes.She drops the dildo and starts to moan louder while she grabs “Zeus” head and then BUMMM!!

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I go to the backyard door looking for dog and I can’t find him. Then I walk up the stairs grab my father’s baseball bat and carefully walk down the hallway and I saw that my parent’s bedroom door partially open I take a brief look inside, when I heard my mom in my parent’s bath room talking with someone. For a moment I was in shock, she was talking to dog’s.I saw true the mirror the end point of the dildo inside my mom’s pussy, and the huge dock dick entering in and out her butthole. OH YES, FUCK ME DOG, GOD I LOVE DOG COCK AND SPERM AND KNOT!My mom starts to moan in pleasure the love juices are running down from her asshole true her pussy and dripping on the floor. With that scream the knot goes all the way in she grabs the bed sheets and starts to bite them furiously, again her face turns red and the vein in her fore head began to pop up. Dog’s stopped humping and I saw my mom grabbing both dog’s legs, she stand still for about 20 min.As you all know a few months earlier I had my first k9 experience with “Zeus”, I’ve been practicing a lot with him since that day, now I have more experience I can approach him more easily.I’m now practicing “oral sex” and trying to do the “missionary position” that’s the more difficult part but he’s was learning fast, at that moment I wasn’t doing “anal sex”. Going back to the story, when I woke up, my panties were all wet from my pussy juices.

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