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Similar incentives to buy may also be offered in paid games.

e Safety research insights34% of children aged 8 to 17 have made an in-game purchase and this rose to 45% when they played a network game with others.

Online games can be great fun for your child, but make sure you can help them manage the risks.

Er arbeitet seit 2008 in Nordamerika und lebt heute in Kanada.Oppenheim Private Equity Partners (SOPEP) / CAM Private Equity Andreas Schmidt ist seit 2006 bei CAM Alternatives (bzw.den Vorgängergesellschaften) tätig, ursprünglich im Investment Team und zuletzt als CEO der DB Private Equity.With these games, your child could be communicating with strangers, including adults, through web cam, private messaging or online chat, increasing the risk of contact from online abusers, or bullying from other players.e Safety research insights Children aged 11 to 12 are most likely be bullied by other players, with around 22% in this age group reporting a bullying experience, compared to 17% of multiplayer gamers overall.42% of young people bullied while gaming online responded by turning off the in-game chat function, 41% ignored the bullying and 38% stopped playing a game with the person.

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