Christmas dating sim

Right now, I’ve finished Aeka’s and Mizuki’s routes, going for Nekoko currently. :3 In order to celebrate this freedom and the warm weather, I made a random sketch, and that resulted in… The lineart isn’t very refined because I actually just threw the sketch into a vectorizing program, but I hope you like it.I think Yumemiru is, despite not being the most serious, epic and detailed VN ever, very enjoyable – perhaps because of those things that seem to make it imperfect. I’ll still have one week of school, but that’s like field trips and preparing for our graduation ceremony. The character is from one of the many possible side projects of Lux VNs.

I’m sorry for this, but now that we have a 4-day holiday, I’ll try to get back to writing and being more active as soon as I am able to… Even though I had my holiday, I’m already busy with exams now. But there are some unexpected, but really good things going on… It was quite good actually, especially for a harem one. Another strange part is that I loved Asa and Kaede, whereas I didn’t find the other girls half as interesting. Primula had a nice story, but like from many flat-chested heroines, I got the obligatory loli character-vibe from her. Now that the year has changed everywhere around the globe, I thought I would write a little post on 2009.It was a pretty interesting year for me and very eventful – there were even 2 releases from Lux VNs, , both of which were collaborations in which I worked as an artist.As for other things, some time ago I realized that I had to play .I like the art style a lot and a lot of people have liked it, so I couldn’t resist trying.

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