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In this episode, following Elder Beth Regan’s Mohegan-language conference invocation, state historian Walt Woodward describes Eleazar Wheelock’s life as a local minister and Great Awakening evangelist, his relationship with Samson Occom, and life at Moor’s Indian Charity School.contributor Bob Gregson talk about pioneering Modern artists Anni and Josef Albers, who escaped Nazi Germany in the 1930s and made New Haven their home in 1950. Josef was associated with the Bauhaus for longer than any other artist and Anni was the last surviving teacher from the Bauhaus.

Auerbach’s diaries are in the collection of the Connecticut Historical Society, and the papers of Chase Going Woodhouse are in the collection of the Dodd Center, University of Connecticut at Storrs. Fox Dept Store, listen to Episode 73 of Grating the Nutmeg, “Department Stores, G.

Just four years after the end of WWII and one year after the founding of the new nation of Israel, Auerbach and Woodhouse saw battlefields, refugee camps, and the ruins of German cities.

Auerbach’s diary entries reveal what she saw and experienced–civil war in Greece, Arab refugee camps in Transjordan, the value of using Hebrew in Israel, and the fear of rising anti-Semitism and communism in Germany.

Listen as they dive into the history of Fort Trumbull, a Connecticut state park that’s seen a devastating Revolutionary War battle, witnessed Prohibition-era high-speed boat chases, and housed a top-secret military research facility.

Today Fort Trumbull is one of New London’s must-visit attractions, part of the new Thames River Heritage Park.

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