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83,253 This machine has three brass wheels, one for the month, one for the day, and one for the year. Smith's Patent Ribbon Hand Stamp John Garrett & Co. Hill) Springfield, MA (until 1882) Philadelphia, PA (1882 onward) The 1871 patent is U. Plagiarism is the act of passing off as your own the words, photographs, or other work of someone else. Second, you must not violate our copyright, which means you may not use any images or text from the Early Office Museum web site in publications, in direct mailing material, on web sites, in auction listings, or anywhere else without written permission from the Curator. Follett Time Recording Co., NY, NY, advertised Follett's New Model Time Stamp in 1913. Photograph lower right shows a National Time Recorder, made by the National Time Recorder Co., London, UK Hoggson Time Stamps Advertised 1902 S. Bates Automatic Numbering Machines Patented 1891-93 ~ Advertised 1892-present Bates Mfg. For a history of the use of Bates stamps by the legal profession and technologies that have largely replaced them, see Ralph Losey, "HASH: The New Bates Stamp," 12 Journal of Technology Law & Policy First, you must not plagiarize our material. Dorman is said to have been the first to actually commercialize the making of rubber stamps. Thompson, The Rubber Stamp Album, 1978) The New York Rubber Stamp Co. Ames' Patent Self-Inking Stamp Patented 1856 ~ Advertised 1860 M. (Hagley Museum and Library) Brass Dating Stamp Patented 1865 ~ Sold 1866 ~ Advertised 1870 W. The device has four brass wheels, one for the month, two for the day of the month, and one for the year. Hudson's Ribbon Hand Stamp (two models) Patented 1865 Thomas S. We have a small stock on hand which we propose to sell at greatly reduced prices." Power & Wallwork, Illustrated Catalogue and Price List, New York, NY, 1870, contains illustrated advertisements for a wide range of dating and canceling stamps similar to the next three below. New York, NY This machine, which was patented in 1865, was owned by Joseph Fuller of Sufield, Connecticut, and his name and city surround the date. Chamberlain Boston, MA The 1867 billhead below is in the Warshaw Collection, National Museum of American History Archives, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. It was designed to stamp a few words, such as a person's name and address, and the month, day, and year. Advertised 1870 Power & Wallwork New York, NY "This is the largest and most comprehensive ribbon stamping machine ever made. It has a separate ribbon for each die, giving such a variety of colors as may be desired." The machine was 0. The machine in the lower photo has a die for the year 1887.

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In 1866 Dorman learned the technique of manufacturing rubber stamps." (J. is listed in an 1870 New York City business directory. Cooke & Co., New York, NY; Walker, Tucker & Co., Philadelphia; John Goldsborough, Philadelphia; and D.

The illustration on an 1877 billhead has a brass dating wheel that begins with 1871. International Time Recording, New York, NY, advertised the Standard Time Stamp in 1900. The Ajax Time Stamp Co., Boston, MA, advertised the Ajax Time Stamp during 1928-36. New York, NY Joslin's Eclipse Time Stamp was advertised in 1928 (Horder's), and the Eclipse Automatic Time Stamp and the Cosmo Automatic Time Stamp were advertised in 1936. Bates produced many models, and Bates numbering stamps are still produced.

New York, NY Similar machines were marketed by various companies until at least 1936.

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