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Indeed, there is a verification process once you register and an approval from the admin of your account, but such doesn't dig in deeper if the account owner is a fraud or a fake.

Joel tells us: ‘I am looking to date and see where it goes with the hope that there is a future together.’ If you think you’re what any of these daters are looking for, you can meet them on the app now.

Your matches would definitely be from these countries.

They are either looking for friendship or a serious and real relationship.

’ Rather than wanting a lifetime companion, though, Genevieve is simply dipping her toe in the dating pool, telling us ‘I am not looking for a serious relationship but I am hopeful to meet somebody that is sophisticated, well educated and well presented.’ London-based model Kamay is 56, and works as a model.

She’s had a whopping our and a half times the number of profile visits and three times the number of messages compared to the average woman.

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