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According to the available call sheets, Stoltz filmed for seven weeks between November 26, 1984 and January 10, 1985.

After seeing a rough cut, Steven Spielberg and the writer/directors decided that Stoltz had played the role too seriously for a comedy, and he was replaced by Michael J. Images of the scenes of Stoltz as Marty can be seen on com, where they were posted in 2002.

In addition, publicity shots show Stoltz posing with Marc Mc Clure and Wendie Jo Sperber in the photo with Dave and Linda (instead of posing in front of a wishing well, the three stood in front of a wagon wheel, with Linda in the center and Marty on the right).

Much of the original footage, at least for those shots that did not include Marty Mc Fly (or, by extension, Stoltz), was retained for the film.

He belongs to white ethnicity and holds an American nationality.

Glover was born to Betty Glover and Bruce Glover who is famous for his role as Mr. His mother is of German & Czech ancestry, and his father is of English, Czech, and Swedish descent.

See full summary » Steven must be in Washington for PBS on Alex's 18th birthday, so Elyse throws him a surprise party a few days early.

", shows the closeup and shows that Biff is being struck by a person taller than Fox. Since the shot was a closeup of Tom Wilson they decided to retain the footage in the film.

In addition, a comparison is made between two scenes, the closeup with early in the filming at Lou's, and the later one with Fox at Lou's after months of filming "with a more tired-looking Thomas F. In a radio interview, Wilson commented that "It's my belief that Eric Stoltz's fist punched me in the 1950s Cafe.

I do not think that we reshot that because it was a closeup of me." Stoltz would later star alongside Lea Thompson in the 1987 John Hughes high school romance film, Some Kind of Wonderful.

Crispin Glover is an American actor, director, recording artist, screenwriter, publisher, as well as author, best known for portraying eccentric people on screen, including George Mc Fly in Back to the Future, unfriendly recluse Rubin Farr in Rubin and Ed, Layne in River's Edge and much more.

Crispin Glover was born as Chrispin Hellion Glover on April 20, 1964, in New York, New York, United States of America.

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