Cupid online dating site

Slate has reported that men send nearly four times more initial messages as women on Ok Cupid.The blog and information section of the Ok Cupid website says the messaging system was overhauled in early 2018 to address this issue.The site’s bold 2018 ad campaign, featured prominently on the desktop version, shows LGBTQ as well as straight couples, and the signup process also caters to those who don’t subscribe to binary genders.

In total, that brought our average number of matches in 24 hours to 81, the most of any site we tested.The whole thing took our reviewers 15 minutes, which was long enough to give the site some data to work with but not so time-intensive that we got bored.As soon as your account is active, Ok Cupid sends you a message with dating tips and advice.You can skip some questions if you’re not sure, but they’re very unique compared to the other sites we tested and actually pretty fun to answer.Some of them include deciding whether you’d rather be weird or normal, whether you’d date someone who is messy and whether you enjoy talking about politics.

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