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Paramount also made what was essentially a banjo with a wooden body and called it a 'tenor harp'.

Another very important type of transitional instrument of this period of the late twenties and early thirties were the metal bodied resonator tenor and plectrum guitars made by National and Dobro.

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A mandolin, like a violin, is tuned to the highest pitch, to GDAE, a mandola, like a viola, is tuned lower to CGDA, (which is exactly the same tuning as the tenor banjo and guitar) and a cello, like a mando-cello, is also tuned to CGDA but exactly one octave below the mandola CGDA tuning.The tenor banjo's sharp and cutting sonority, partly derived from its tuning in fifths, compared to that of the more mellow six string guitar, was particularly suited to the newly emerging, but still primitive, technology of acoustically recording this type of music onto acetate or metal discs which were then used as moulds for pressing the familiar black discs.It is not surprising, therefore, that some of the earliest tenor guitars were also built by banjo manufacturing companies which they could possibly have seen initially as a way to expand their markets, and then eventually maintain their markets.This means that tenor banjo/guitar, mandola and mando-cello can all be played using the same scales and chord shapes.One transitional instrument also tuned CGDA and closely related to the development of the tenor guitar is the tenor lute, a wooden instrument with a teardrop shaped body and a tenor banjo neck.

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