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It isn’t easy to get a woman in this sign, she is an enigma for many.Don’t expect your relationship with the Scorpio woman to be too relaxed and all fun as these ladies don’t take things too seriously, especially in the beginning.Even though you may feel neglected and lonely when she has her moments, don’t leave her side and she will appreciate it.Don’t toy with her emotions because she takes them very seriously. The Scorpios are known for being vengeful and unforgiving. That’s why she may be a little suspicious at times.What she decides is forever decided and when she loves, she loves intensely and profoundly.Scorpios are known for not being equivocal and for having a “one way or another attitude”.

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The Scorpio woman is stubborn when she wants something and she knows how to make things go her way.As a fixed sign, the Scorpio woman will enjoy stability and people who don’t change too much.If she doesn’t like the way you treat her, she will keep her defense and won’t let you in.If you decide to be with her, think of being with her forever.While she may have times when she enjoys being alone, she needs you to be committed.

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