Dating a shy guy

Men are exposed to a lot of social conditioning that dictates how they should look, be and act. How can you overcome your shyness, and the nerves that go with it, to navigate the murky waters of coming on too strong or not strong enough?

Feeling that they don’t live up to this perceived social standard, combined with inherent shyness, makes dating especially challenging.” So how does a shy guy handle the first phone call? To appear confident and in control, even when you’re not?

I'm not saying all shy guys are this way, but rightly or wrongly, that ordeal has turned me off of shy men completely. We met through mutual friends and we had known each other around two months. After around two months we started texting and he was very talkative over text.

He asked me on a double date type thing and picked me up.

They feel validated by compliments, approval, and affection from other people.

There is a difference between being shy and being introverted. I can handle introversion, but not shyness in a partner.

I can rarely get away with being upset, because he's such an observant person.

It’s the next part – moving out from behind the screen and into the real world – that gets tricky.

“It’s unrealistic, but the pressure exists regardless.

I guess he just feels more comfortable communicating with me than he does with most people. I thought something was wrong and his parents thought I was nuts for thinking it!

Anyway, I treasure his introversion - it balances with my extroversion quite well. Dad calls mom a week later and she didn't remember who he was. He's that guy that sits there quietly at the party, but when the opportunity arises, his quips are absolutely pant-pissing hilarious.

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