Dating after breast cancer surgery

For this woman, there is also a cancer history there, that can play into how she views and perceives her chest, and it may not be what you expect.I have also learned that some women still derive a lot of pleasure, even if they cannot necessarily feel it, as their is still a mental connection, or they enjoy their partner's reaction, or whatever else.While they look different, I have minimal scarring that is not visible unless you look hard under my breasts, and I still have my own nipples.

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So yes, a mastectomy changed how I felt about my body but probably the reverse of what you expect...

And I have always felt loved, appreciated, and accepted by him.

He has never seen the flaws I have seen for example.

I've never made love to a woman who has had a double mastectomy but I can imagine such a procedure changes how a woman feels about her body.

And I know that her breasts won't feel the same as "the real thing" to either her or to me.

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