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The big bang's poor predictions track record is extensive as shown from its many failures including...- Yet even secular science authorities have begun objecting to the systematic misattribution, and hence, post-dating, of the the claim of expansion.Expansion was not a "prediction" of the 1931 big bang theory; it was a 1920s interpretation of both Einstein's equations and red-shift data.Loan Scorecard helps institutions address CFPB regulations through its QM Findings, the industry's first qualified mortgage (QM) engine, which has rendered more than 5 million QM findings reports to-date and supports banks and credit unions preparing for the upcoming impacts of CECL. , a leading provider of automated underwriting and compliance solutions, announced today that Central Pacific Bank, a leading residential mortgage lender in Hawaii and the primary subsidiary of Central Pacific Financial Corp., has implemented Custom AUS as its automated underwriting system (AUS).“As soon as a loan closes, before the borrower even makes their first payment, financial institutions must set aside loan loss reserves, but manually calculating that number is challenging, especially for banks and credit unions with limited resources,” said Ben Wu, executive director at Loan Scorecard.“Even the most CECL-ready organizations have yet to solve this impact on the balance sheet.We messaged a number of times and eventually I asked her out.

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The system delivers an underwriting decision to third-party originators (TPOs) and provides an assessment report that includes a breakdown of every rule applied and whether the loan passed or failed a particular guideline—creating an audit trail for underwriting and ability-to-repay decisions and helping to ensure consistent, transparent application of credit policy.

Without provisioning at the time of origination, a bank is out of compliance and reserves are inaccurate.

Simple CECL solves this challenge, providing an accessible solution for all banks and credit unions with an automatic calculation for loan loss reserves to ensure CECL compliance.” Loan Scorecard is a leading provider of non-agency AUS, loan pricing solutions and borrower point-of-sale designed to meet today's regulatory challenges and capitalize on current market opportunities.

The stress testing provides results in three scenario probabilities—a base case, an adverse case, and a severe case.

Simple CECL provides the exact calculation for loan loss reserves under the new regulation.

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