Dating an obsessive man

What drives a woman to go through a guy's email, linger outside his house in the pouring rain, or ditch her best friends for the chance to possibly run into her crush?

The answer may lie within the same tiny area of the brain that fuels your most destructive addictions.

But I am here to help — to share with you the wisdom I’ve gained after years of making mistakes.

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If you are in an emotionally abusive relationship, it's important to recognize abuse and take action by leaving the relationship.

The problem is that he's been to known to be obsessed/in love with another girl that works there (again, she has another job so only a few hours a week).

Being new, I had no idea the level of his interest in her until it was too late and I was already involved. He messages her every day, buys her often expensive things all the time, always brings her up in conversation when we're alone together, spends all his time on our nights out next to her, his phone passcode is her birthday, and he swaps his shifts to be on with her. Am I the only one who thinks the other girl is stringing him along by not being blunt with him? It is also not your job to sort out her communication with him. Tell him that you have no interest in dating someone who spends their time talking, thinking, and focusing on someone else.When Kim Berlin fell in love for the first time, she fell hard."He was the first person I'd been with sexually," says Berlin, who was a college freshman at the time."We've proven that romantic love can be just as powerful as an addiction.I know someone who, after her boyfriend dumped her, took 10 years to get over it.

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