Dating antique furniture legs

Sometimes in our travels we find a piece of antique furniture that is so special it would be a shame for it to be the only one of its kind.

When this happens we study it, take precise notes on how it was built and construct full-size templates which allow our craftsman to create an authentic reproduction and scale it to any size needed.

You should have a discernible amount of difference between the two measurements. By the nineteenth century, cabinetmakers were using several smaller dovetails to join together the sides of drawers. If each dovetail is the same size and evenly spaced, they were crafted on machinery.

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We can also create an item based on your sketch or drawing, and even duplicate favorite Antique Furniture for sale from a photograph.We work with interior designers and individuals worldwide, dedicating the hours of time and effort to make sure all your expectations are exceeded.We have an extensive inventory of Country French Antique Furniture for sale as well as English, Spanish and Italian furniture and Vintage Furniture.To verify, and certify, when any piece was constructed, screws and nails need to be examined, hinges removed, bits of veneer scraped off.Shelly Mc Rae is a freelance writer residing in Phoenix, Ariz.

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