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30 facts about guys to understand them better Try to understand these 30 facts about guys and relate it with the guy in your life or the guy you like.And as long as you look for ways to make yourself more likeable using these 30 facts and tips, you’ll definitely be able to impress the guy you like and make him want you more.[Read: 20 circumstances when a guy may never ever like you back] #1 Your boyfriend will feel easily threatened when you flirt with another guy in front of him.But at the same time, your boyfriend will feel like he’s on top of the world if you cling on to him in front of other guys who are attracted to you.The truth is that when it comes to classic sex appeal, there are few traits Asian men can't embody like any other men — something Brooklyn-based fashion photography duo Idris Tony showed in their series for last year.From six-pack abs to rugged good looks, their Asian models checked every "sexy" box.

Fu Manchu, have given the impression that Asian males possess a "deviant masculinity" that leads them to treat women worse than non-Asian males.

Given these dehumanizing labels, Asian men often feel that they have to take the extra step to prove to potential partners, straight and gay, that they are anything but the stereotypical Asian male. Asian males have long been depicted as math- or science-loving nerds who would rather spend their time studying than socializing with women.

"We're pretty much seen on the nerdy side," Andrew Fung of the Fung Bros, a Chinese-American duo best known for discussing Asian-American issues on You Tube, told .

, a character "regularly made fun of for his lack of sex appeal, broken English and general uncoolness." To counter such images, Asian-Americans have needed the likes of Bruce Lee, a Chinese-American and legendary onscreen badass who was later credited as the father of modern mixed martial arts.

Not all Asian men know martial arts, but plenty are as assertive and confident as Lee famously was.

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