Dating jessica simpson

window._shared Data = {"config":,"country_code":"unknown","language_code":"en","locale":"en_US","entry_data":{"Profile Page":[{"logging_page_id":"profile Page_789391109","show_suggested_profiles":false,"show_follow_dialog":false,"toast_content_on_load":null,"graphql":{"user":{"biography":"Official Instagram of Jessica Simpson","blocked_by_viewer":false,"country_block":false,"external_url":"u= Tlgq XXUi St Kq F2MQept W9Lu Bytt Yc Ul ORHWq Pdft Vl Iar Cev Z-i NFFwf6HZMUV3ZFDl","edge_followed_by":,"followed_by_viewer":false,"edge_follow":,"follows_viewer":false,"full_name":"Jessica Simpson","has_channel":false,"has_blocked_viewer":false,"highlight_reel_count":0,"has_requested_viewer":false,"id":"789391109","is_business_account":false,"is_joined_recently":false,"business_category_name":null,"is_private":false,"is_verified":true,"edge_mutual_followed_by":,"profile_pic_url":"“It’s, like, girl time�a healing within in a lot of ways,” says Simpson, who is sharing the house with Cobb, hairstylist Jessie Holiday and makeup artist Mary Phillips, all of whom she considers her “best friends.”Simpson says she craves the organized routine of a film and can’t wait to spend her days laughing again.She’ll play an otherwise hot Costco cashier�”She’s, like, a nine or a 10”�whose beauty is marred by just one feature.She claims she talks to him every few days and that he’s “absolutely” one of her best friends.One week later, however, when asked about news reports that Lachey plans to seek spousal support from Simpson, who far outearns him, she decides she doesn’t want to talk about the divorce anymore.“It’s been hard, but I’ve finally come to the realization that it’s okay to not be perfect.

In Santa Fe, Simpson plans to regroup and, she says, “cleanse.” For the most part, this seems to involve giving up alcohol and caffeine and going for a lot of hikes.

In less than three months, for example, “It’s totally out of control,” says Simpson, who recently rented a dozen different vehicles in a single day to evade the cameras. “I almost peed in my pants,” she says of one such incident.

“We were laughing so hard because [my mom] was trying to talk to me and I’m in the trunk.”Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that Simpson, now single for the first time in her adult life, wants to have a little fun.","profile_pic_url_hd":"","requested_by_viewer":false,"username":"jessicasimpson","connected_fb_page":null,"edge_felix_video_timeline":,"edge_owner_to_timeline_media":{"count":880,"page_info":,"edges":[,,{"node":{"__typename":"Graph Image","id":"2111236295253593658","edge_media_to_caption":,"shortcode":"B1Mnjm Hg I46","edge_media_to_comment":,"comments_disabled":false,"taken_at_timestamp":1565899000,"dimensions":,"display_url":"

At 16, two years before she released her first album and began dating her soon-to-be ex-husband, Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson got her own checkbook. ” Now, almost a decade later�having made millions and become a household name based largely on that ditzy blond persona�Simpson is finally ready to try again.“She asked the other day for a checkbook, and I looked at her like she was kidding,” says her assistant and friend Ca Cee Cobb.

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