Dating players traits

Even if he has a better grasp on the topic at hand, he regards you as an equal with an opinion as valid as his, and he responds accordingly. You don't have to sit around wondering what a comment "means," because if you're unsure, you can just ask.

Grown-ass men are not in a place where they need to play games.

But it's not until you're with a grown-ass man that you know what this really means.

He cares enough about your partnership to want to wine and dine you, and keep dating you even after you've been in a relationship for so long.It's not about showing off or asserting dominance by spending money on you (Hell, who's to say that he even pays every time?) — it's about spending time together, and making that time special.You don't have to do influence him to be an adult, and you certainly don't have to be anxious over whether he's going to be irresponsible in some devastating way.You can talk about money and know that he'll be reasonable and responsible about it.

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