Dating the era of lord ram

The validity of any result can only be evaluated through rigorous peer review.

However, what has been presented in the video has no scientific content and therefore no conclusion can be drawn on the origin of the Ram Setu based on the commentaries and visuals in it.

We are going through interesting but uncertain times.

Some call this the post-truth era, where debates are largely focused on appeals to emotions rather than factual realities.

Some studies have shown that a more recent episode of sea-level drop occurred between 1,200 and 700 years ago – during an interval called the ‘Little Ice Age’.

As the sea level rose in pulses since, the coral polyps could once again grow higher on the newly submerged platforms.

Some sections of the media circulated this as fresh evidence posited by a group of “American scientists” to support the theory that a rock formation within the Palk Bay is actually the bridge that Lord Ram and his army built to reach Sri Lanka as described in the .

The public hears what it wants to hear, and people get their news mostly from sources whose bias they agree with.

Yogmaya Temple situated at New Delhi near Qutub Minar complex is a temple of the goddess Yogmaya or sister of lord Krishna.

This temple also attributes itself to the illusionary power of god also known as The Yogmaya or jog maya temple has withstood a lot of destruction and reconstructions.

Scientists have the added responsibility to stress the role of critical thinking, sustained inquiry and the revision of beliefs on the basis of evidence – the virtues enshrined in our constitution.

For a growing society, it is retrogressive to live in a state of constant denial of the real.

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