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Helpful tip: You can make chat wider by rotating your mobile device into landscape mode in order to show more items on the menu bar, and rotate it back into portrait mode to have a taller view of chat.Use whichever you prefer whenever it is useful to do so.Just enter text into the input field at the bottom and press enter, and it will show up in the room. The second button from the left on the menu/navagation bar, marked ☰, will display the list of all rooms that are available to you. Click a room in the room list that you would like to join.It shows the name of the room, how many users are in it, and the topic of the room, if one has been set. The room list will be dismissed, and you will be added to the room, with a new button for that room added to the menu/navigation bar at the top, if there is enough space on the screen for it.This will automatically fill the input field with the preamble needed to send a whisper message to any user, which you can also feel free to key manually, ie "/w vitriolicv".Type your message, starting after this preamble, and press your enter key.

Click the user's name, and select "whisper" to do this, just like how "whisper" messages work on most chat sites.

If we have many private chats open that we would like to navigate between, the conversations menu, third from the left on the menu/navigation bar, marked ✉, shows us a list of every private message session that we have open, and we can select from it any conversation that we would like to return to.

Bonus: The envelope icon will display a number beside it indicating how many unread messages you have, if any.

Account and forum features, such as adding friends, interacting with other users' profiles or accessing and altering your own are also covered.

Our new chat client was made to be competitive with all existing, and hopefully any upcoming chat clients.

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