Effects of dating at young age

Teenagers are prone to extreme emotional instability, mood swings, contradictory feelings and reckless actions.

Emotional maturity is a matter of time, age and experience.

Dating increases the risk of drug abuse and alcohol ass a result of depression and emotional problems.

Intoxication may lead to sexual violence, sexual abuse and rape (Fernández-González et al 25). “South African Teachers’ Perceptions on Integration of Sex Education into the School Curriculum.” Gender & Behavior, vol.

Teenagers are more driven by the push of hormones rather than logic and feelings.

As a consequence, they often end up taking the wrong decisions and dating just for the sake of it or dating people who they are crushing upon, rather than those with whom they are compatible and comfortable.

Parents and educators should provide teenagers with relevant information about sexual and romantic relations as well as sex and sexuality.

However, it has been noticed that teenage relationships are extremely susceptible to quick disintegration.

Morever, teenage relationships lead to numerous other damaging outcomes on the physical and emotional health of the youngsters.

On the other hand, romantic relationships between teenagers may have a negative impact.

Dating can limit their social circle, require a high level of maturity, and increase the probability of sexual contact.

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