Erin andy dating

In Season 8, Erin is once again single, while Andy is in a steady relationship.

After Erin moves to Florida, Andy realises that he can't live without her and publicly dumps his new girlfriend as a romantic gesture, winning Erin back.

Dwight's interest fades early on while Ryan shows signs he's planning to cheat on or even dump Kelly for Erin.

After Andy was promoted to Regional Manager, he began dating Jessica.

Erin brings this up and suggests that they double-date, but Jim and Pam make excuses why they can't and Erin drops the subject out of embarrassment.

Dwight Schrute and Ryan Howard have also shown an interest in Erin at various points.

Even though Erin was still dating Andy at this point, she has begun to see that Andy is fairly obnoxious and immature compared to the younger and more grounded Pete.

By the end of the series, Erin's parents have managed to track her down and they reconnect. Ever since Erin arrived, Andy has been trying to impress her, usually with disastrous results.This leads to a lot of unresolved tension coming to the surface.Gabe doesn't make any more appearances after that, implying that his employment was just a contract job.Erin was hired for the receptionist's position after Pam temporarily resigned in Season 5.When Pam returned, she took a sales position, allowing Erin to remain.

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