First dating violence trial

Police and court records show Tucker, now 20, had a history of abusing Jones and her family.National surveys and studies have documented the prevalence of teen dating violence.Another relative in the house came into the room and saw Tucker with a gun.Tucker ran from the house and officers caught up with him in his mother's silver car.Soon after the party, she had talked to Jones on the phone.Her daughter said she would come back "if they let me come home," which alarmed her mother.The two were last seen at the baby's first birthday party on March 21, 2015.

Jones' mother called police on March 27, saying Jones and the baby had returned home "without incident" and were not the victims of a crime, according to reports. That night, Tucker climbed in the window of Jones' house and was confronted by her father, authorities say.

Nearly 23% of women and 14% of men who were victims of stalking or physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner first experienced some form of violence from that partner as a teenager, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

After the homicide, Jones' mother told police her daughter said Tucker stalked her, pointed a gun at her numerous times and threatened to kill her, according to a criminal complaint.

Jones, 18, was killed and her 54-year-old father was seriously injured. Police caught up with him three days later, seeing him in a car. With one motion, an officer reached for Tucker's hand, twisting it and forcing him to drop the gun.

RELATED: Officers avoid deadly force in tense homicide arrest As he was being arrested, Tucker reached into the car and grabbed a loaded pistol. In a police interview, Tucker said Jones' father confronted him with a gun, they struggled over the weapon and it fired.

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