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Personal technology is central to their lives, indispensable, fundamental, immediately impacting how they think, respond to, and address life situations.

Gen Zers negotiate life with technology, and live through their technology.

Are you constantly thinking of what to post next on Facebook or Twitter?

Are you on cloud nine when you get a high number of 'likes', but feel down or miserable when you get too many 'dislikes'?

Massive memory cards allow storage of thousands of shots, without the hassle of film. If you find yourself haphazardly taking pictures of EVERYTHING, simply as a matter of course, or from a fear of 'missing something', you may have a problem.

Do you feel anxious, nervous or restless if you're in a no wi-fi or no phone signal area?

On the extreme end of this trajectory, a Gen Zer's personality and self-worth may be enmeshed in their social media and their reception -- if they get many 'likes', it gives them a 'high'.

Too many 'dislikes', and they crash, damaging their self-regard.

Substituting the camera for your eyes actually encourages people to pay less time and attention to the things they take pictures of, as they think "not to worry, I've got pictures of it." The result is a poorer, less clear and less stable memory of the occasion.

The reason, as Bastyr University psychologist Dr Diedre Clay explains, is because "[t]he lens is a veil in front of your eyes and we don't realize it's there." TIP: Take pictures, but enjoy the moment.

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