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While chatrooms still exist, they have a much seedier reputation now, thanks to the advent of To Catch a Predator and Chris Hansen (“Why don’t you take a seat over there? This was the ’90s, before firewalls and parental controls.

By the early 2000s, parents became aware of cyberbullies and sexual predators, and how the internet isn’t all that different from the playground.

Messenger — were hotbeds of early social networking.

No matter what age, gender, sexuality or interest, there was a place for you, be it a room for Nickelback uberfans or My Little Pony collectors.

Chatrooms are no longer the trendy internet thing to do, thanks to a plethora of social networking platforms that offer far less obscurity and are based on connecting real life identities.

If the chatrooms of the ’90s offered anything, it was 100 per cent anonymity.

In this way, chatrooms became learning tools for a world where there were far more options — a coup for IRL wallflowers — for how we speak to each other now.

They laid the foundation for online dating, texting and social networking, but with a layer of innocence.

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Like an elementary classroom secret, this online world began to spread.

No one could give your embarrassing screen-name a google and instantly find you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linked In.

There was no internet footprint, which meant you felt completely safe and could be whoever you wanted to be.

Some chat rooms are definitely better than others, but there are plenty from which to choose.

The web is full of chat sites, and some are more user-friendly than others.

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