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Call In @ 817-945-3464 It’s going Down ⬇️ November 20 8 p.m. (817.1 Fuze Box) (Fuzion World Radio) @fuzion_world_radio #fuzionworldradio Presents: #turnuptalenttuesday Hosted by: Host: (#Dj Infer No Re D) #djinfernored @dj_inferno_red Red Washington Red Davizea Washington Davizea Inferno Red Washington & Special Guests Co-Hosts: (#buttagoharder @buttagoharder De Yara Hardy & #Ms Courtney Johnson @eyesdone2k6 Courtney Johnson #Ladies & #Gentleman #Especially #Ladies We Have The #Legendary #Artist, #Singer, #Songwriter, #Performer #Mr Sex Down Himself ( #Link ) Known For Hits like : ⤵️ Sex Down, Whatcha Gonna Do, I Really Wanna Sex Your Body, I Don't Wanna See, He Also Written Hit Songz For Artists Like : ⤵️ (SILK) “Meeting in My Bedroom” “Tonight” “Let’s Make Love” (LSG) “My Body” (K-Ci & Jo-Jo) “Crazy” (Keke Wyatt) “I Don’t Wanna See” So if Y’all wanna follow the interview You can download the app on all android and IOS devices by looking up Spreaker Radio once you download it type in the search bar Fuzion World Radio Or you can simply click this link Below ⤵️ https:// So if Y’all have any questions ? You would never be without the light #Light Skin Gawd #lightskingawd #Albino Nation #Super Saiyan Albino Gawd #Ultra Instinct #Ultra Instinct Infer No Re D #andwereback #fuzionworldradio #djinfernored #dj_inferno_red #if_it_aint_fuzion_then_its_an_illusion Mecca Bears Honeycomb Hideout S2 Ep16 (Part 2 of PROSTITUTION) Saturday from 6-9 PM call to make comments or questions @ (817) 945-3464 https:// Grown & Sexy Intellects get ready for STRAIGHT RAW UNCUT SEXOLOGY 1 ON 1!!!! My FREAKAZOIDS are going to love this mixture of Reggae, R...

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Call In @ 817-945-3464 @ Fuzion World Radio first off let me apologize to all of our fans,listeners and followers these past weeks has been a learning experience for all of us here at Fuzion Entertainment so on that note we have alot of great things for everyone in the coming weeks right now we're under new construction for all of our social media pages so continue to send us your music submissions and we will schedule you for interviews in the near future until then remember "If it ain't Fuzion it's a Illusion"🤗🤗🤗🤪🤪 Mecca Bears Honeycomb Hideout (Cervix Penetration) Saturday from 6-9 PM call to make comments or questions @ (817) 945-3464 https:// Grown & Sexy Intellects get ready for STRAIGHT RAW UNCUT SEXOLOGY 1 ON 1!!!! My FREAKAZOIDS are going to love this mixture of Reggae, Regga... This Friday The second annual #andwereback #Fuzion World Radio #if_it_aint_fuzion_then_its_an_illusion #djinfernored #levelupfuzionworld #Feel Free Friday #dj_inferno_red #Pajama Party so don’t miss it we will be live in effect just having a good time playing truth or dare so make sure that you tune in via Spreaker or Facebook live Make sure y'all read the entire post #Fuzion World Radio presents #Turn Up Talent Tuesday Call in 817-945-3464 to display your skills live on the air also be prepared for real feedback for myself (Host) #Dj Infer No Re D As well as The guest panel every Tuesday from 8 to 11 Central Standard Time we're calling on everyone with #Talent #singer #rappers #comedians #poets / #spoken_word_artists pretty much anything they can be displayed over the airwaves as #Talent if you're not afraid to bring the heat 🔥 then call in or come in and show out call in # 817-945-3464 So let's find out if your music is fire or a weed plate PS make sure you tag an artist that you want feedback on!!!! Y (Yea Wit Da Yea) *Royal Blue What I believe *Fort Worth Pac Ride 4 you *Fort Worth Pac feat Alpachino I Don't Know This Bitch La Zarius (LZ) American Gangsta La Zarius (LZ) All night Long B. Feungshui LGM (losgmusic group) BOUT DAT TIME Ten Commandments See Me Cry Tumtrapper Boo'd Up Remix Gucci Gang BA ft. Street Cain Addy Cameron J Before I Get Old Lou Char Le$ Run It Back DBOE SPLASH Veronica V_ OK let’s try to again #And Were Back #Fuzion World Radio #Feel Free Friday @dj_inferno_red @fuzion_world_radio @meccaronii @giovanni_mramazing @p.l.g_tfly2real @djijd @all_cara_83 @kinghamidali @handsomenova # Tonight’s topic make sure y’all call 📞 # 817-945-3464 #1 what would you do If u thought u was n a relationship Just to find out the person was in a relationship with someone else?

and remember if it ain't Fuzion then it's an illusion #Turn Up Talent Tuesday Music Submission #19 (2018) #Industry VSUnderground Submit Your Music (Fire) if good (Under Construction) need to work (Weed Plate) if you're not feeling it Artist Name Name of the song Nas Adam and Eve En Vogue REACH 4 ME Pusha T ft Kevin Gates Trust You Zedd Grey The Middle A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Friend Zone Mo3 Hardaway Butta Go Harder LEVEL UP Ro Zay Big Dreams Lil Grody Bodack Yellow (Gro Mix) Darvell Taylor Ooh La La #LEVELUP #fuzionworldradio #andwereback #If_it_aint_fuzion_Then_its_an_illusion #djinfernored #dj_inferno_red #Your Mine #Your Movement #The Way You Conduct Business #The Way You Treat Yourself #The Way You Treat Others #Love Yourself #Love Others #Respect #Respect Yourself #Respect Others #Moving Forward #Its Your Time #Own Your Mistakes #Just Because You Havent Got It Yet Does Not Mean That You Wont #Always Real Never Fake #Its Yours So What Are You Gonna Do It Shut out to #Butta Go Harder @buttagoharder 📣 Attention #Fuzion World Family And Supporters No #Turn Talent Tuesday We’re doing some maintenance tonight show if you want to submit to a music you are still Can Remember MP3 uncensored is cool include the name of the artist and the name of the song email it to Also if y’all are not following the station or social medias please do so at this time Fuzion World Radio 817.1 Fuze Box Fuzion World Radio Instructions on subscribing/following to the station (/ app.) androids and i Phones Can both download for free In the App Store search Spreaker radio download set it up in account with them once Set up in the search bar search for ⤵️ Fuzion World Radio (817.1) (Twitter) @Fuzion_World https://twitter.com/Fuzion_World (Twitter) @FUZIONWORLD https://twitter.com/FUZIONWORLD (Instagram) @fuzion_world_radio https:// (Instagram) @dj_inferno_red https:// (MAIN #) 817-962-7065 Call In 817-945-3464 (Email) #andwereback #fuzionworld #fuzionworldradio #djinfernored #Black Internetradio #And Were Back Fuzion World Radio #fuzionworldradio #Turn Up Talent Tuesday @dj_inferno_red @fuzion_world_radio And remember #If_it_aint_fuzion_Then_its_an_illusion So do you go to music submission for tonight make sure y’all tune in and share support give your opinion . #2 When is the right time to introduce someone you’re dating till your family #Kids ?

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