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The MCS team is led by: In collaboration with Vancouver Technical High School, SARAVYC researchers, led by Dr. Sheila Marshall, Warren O’Briain, Ciro Panessa, Dr. We specifically looked at the effects of Out in Schools on bullying (verbal and relational), homophobic discrimination, suicidality, and school connectedness among students. Sheila Marshall, evaluated their School Wellness Initiative.

Nursing interventions were grounded in the PHN Wheel of Interventions.Our vision is that all youth are supported to be healthy and connected. The intention of this research project was to perform a quantitative evaluation of the Out in Schools presentations, via mapping the data onto the BC Adolescent Health Survey. The online survey had 337 respondents and was open to anyone residing in Canada who had undergone assessment and/or surgery in the last five years, thus accounting for people’s experiences since 2011. Elizabeth Saewyc Co-Investigators: Lorraine Grieves, Dr. This research sought to identify the positive ways that men respond and how interventions may help men avoid responses to a friend’s death that increase risk of injury or fatality. MCS has extensive experience coordinating youth engagement in research projects relevant to youth in British Columbia. We assessed whether a school hosting an Out in Schools presentation was associated with improved outcomes for the students. Elizabeth Saewyc Co-Investigators: Jennifer Roy and Sue Foster Funded in part by CIHR-PHAC (Research Chair Applied Public Health Research) under the grant, “Building Capacity for Population-Level Monitoring & Interventions for Healthy Youth”, 2008-2013 The partnership between St. Steve Matthias Co-Investigators: Rob Rivers, Claire Pitcher, and Bea Miller Funded by HRSDC Homelessness Prevention Program under the grant, “Transformational change in 4 organizations partnered to address youth homelessness”, 2013-14 This study explored the links between sexual abuse, timing of abuse, substance use and sexual harms as a consequence of substance use, among adolescent students in rural Western Canada. A few key findings: Read the community report: BEING SAFE, BEING ME: Results of the Canadian Trans Youth Health Survey Read in French: ÊTRE EN SÉCURITÉ, ÊTRE SOI-MÊME: Résultats de l’enquête canadienne sur la santé des jeunes trans Principal Investigator: Dr. Read the Evaluation’s Report Principal Investigator: Dr.

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