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It was alleged that the owner of the site shared pictures and other details to another site when there was a confidential agreement in place.

The verdict favoured the plaintiff and he won this class action suit which earned him 16.5 million dollars.

One thing that is an absolute parameter for any such website is the fact that all the information especially personal information and pictures posted on the sites will have to remain confidential.

No transfer of pictures or any information can be done here unless expressly agreed and approved by the person whose information is to be used.

All these information were of those people who were registered with Successfulmatch.com, so anyone whose profile registered with the site was vulnerable.

So when the first court papers were served to the site it was clearly stated that the website offered 100% confidentiality and advertised it in that same light.

The bigger problem was that these details also included their medical condition that they mentioned in their profiles for

At first the plaintiff did agree that after the completion of the registration process he was provided with a link.

It was a link which was more like an enquiry about the candidate.

People suffering from this disease are often humiliated and called names and for them their dating life is as good as dead.

But with the turn of the century they also found different avenues to get back to dating life.

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    Other people are willing to concede that cybersex without the knowledge of their partner cheating, because it involves deception; nevertheless, some still maintain it's a type of "OK" cheating.