Hilarious dating stories

“He talked about himself nonstop and only asked me two questions: 1) Was Michael Jackson guilty and 2) What was the point of the Dewey Decimal System?

He then creepily leaned over and said 'I can make you feel anything right now...' He also said he knew the four horsemen of the apocalypse and that he was going to help me during the end of the world.

To avoid situations like this, read the expert advice in I Hired an Online Dating Coach and This Is What I Learned. The word suffice triggered him to call me ‘arrogant’.

I said we shouldn’t meet and to not contact me again. “He was a professional athlete who kept making sure I knew how impressive he was, and then told me in the car ON THE WAY to the restaurant, ‘There’s a 90% chance I’m gonna sleep with you tonight.’ I guess he underestimated my 10% say in the matter,” Kristin Butz wrote.

Only when we pull in my driveway he said 'Your eyes are too big for your face...' I just get out and start walking to my door, but he gets out too, I figure to apologize.

But no, he tries to kiss me goodnight." From call_me_Eeyore:"So I matched with this dude who seemed nice, and we agree to meet up at a coffee shop.

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