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It's fun stuff, the beat almost works great but generally I'd rather listen to the original than this one.

Rapp Dirty 3 stars The problem I have with Blowfly's music is that it's too much shock value with the curse/sex talk.

The way he raps feels a little bit novelty-ish unfortunately, it's probably non-intentional but it's a little hard to take seriously. song, delivered with a strong disco-like beat and raps.

There's a killer bassline in this song making it a good funky thing, but at 13 minutes it's one of those rare records that actually feels way too long. Yeah that's right, this is a cover of the very famous B. This is pretty much the first usage of guitars in a rock in a hip hop song. song, delivered with a strong disco-like beat and raps.

This song is a little generic, it doesn't have much compared to his great "Big Apple Rappin'"...This is probably his best song, nice beat and all, but not really the best type of early hip hop.Boogie Feelin' Rap 3 stars I was more familiar with one of his later singles "Games People Play", but before that Sweet G recorded for Peter Brown.Another One Bites Rap 3 stars Well here's yet another rap version of the Queen hit, surely one of the most popular to do in 1980...well it's understandable cause the beat is so damn funky!

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