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Pedro brought in recreational cavers Rick Hunter and Steven Tucker, who struck bone when they delved deep into the Rising Star cave system to a chamber some 30 meters under the surface.

After seeing pictures and supposedly cursing (from excitement), Berger and his at that time 14-year-old son Matthew were given a tour.

Matthew, slender enough to fit through the very tight squeeze into the chamber, photographed the bones and showed his dad, who confirmed they were indeed human.

Not long after the start of the excavations, Hunter and Tucker followed a sloping passage into another section of the cave, more than 100 metres of twists and turns apart underground from the first chamber, and stumbled upon even more bones.

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With such an exciting find, it would have been unfair if the bones had been a breeze to recover, so it is a good thing the cave itself threw the researchers a bit of a curve ball.

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The six that were chosen to do the excavation work happened to be all women: Marina Elliott, Lindsay Eaves, Elen Feuerriegel, Alia Gurtov, Hannah Morris and Becca Peixotto, who became known as the 'underground astronauts'.

The two chambers were basically littered with bones, probably not all of which have as of yet been recovered. 560 cc and 465 cc while the skull found in the Lesedi chamber was slightly larger a 610 cc - even for their stature and reminiscent of ’s origins lie?

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