How to have anonymous sex chats on ipod

Users can chat with others in a discreet, safe and anonymous manner, but keep in mind that there are self-destructing messages.

The app is dedicated to no personal data, safety, no bullying, no discrimination, no spam and no bots. Join chat rooms directly or randomly, be respectful to the topic of the room, meet new people from around the world, join in on role playing games, join sex confessions groups, meet people nearby, find that special someone, online dating and much more.

Discover & Chat with nearby verified adults who enjoy safe dating, one night stand adventures and the thrill of casual hookup culture.These rooms are great places for people to chat in an anonymous manner and can host up to 500 people.Use a nickname and avatar for your account so that you create a separate identity." -Lifestylex Magazine "This is one of the safest dating apps out there.10/10" -Soulful Dating Blog Our ideals are simple:- The app is free to download- Female users will have VIP features for free- Flamechat isn't a dating app for teens and it’s strongly recommended for adults 18 - Our target audience is straight adult people, but in the future updates we will design features for same sex people- Using inappropriate, nudes or porn content as profile picture is prohibited, and if you decide to do that you will be banned forever from our platform.

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