How to skip backup when updating iphone ios 5

If for some reason, restoring from a backup does nothing to help your problem, you can start fresh with a clean install of i OS on your device.The benefit of doing this is that it empties your i Phone of everything and resets it as if it were brand new, which means you can start over and only select apps you want to keep on your i Phone or i Pad. The bad news is that it does not save your Health data or Messages.The steps to use i My Fone Umate Pro to restore i Phone without updating: Step 1: After you must have downloaded i My Fone, connect your i Device to your PC using a cable.Step 2: When your i Device has been connected, select the "Erase All Data" button then press the Erase button.Just like it is important to back up your Mac, it is essential to make sure your i Phone or i Pad is on a regular backup schedule.You can set it up to automatically back up every 24 hours via i Cloud, or whenever you connect it to your computer and open i Tunes.Here l will show you how to put your i Phone into Recovery Mode so that you can restore it. Click the device icon in the upper-left side of the i Tunes window. Click “Backup Now” which is beneath the "Manually Backup and Restore" section.

It’s highly recommended by many professional medias, such as Mac World, i Phonein Canada, APPKED, etc.

As for saving your Health app data or Messages, you can use a third-party app like Health Data Importer for exporting and importing Health app backups.

Once you're sure you've backed up important data in some cloud service, you can perform a fresh install of i OS on your i Phone or i Pad.

Before doing a clean install, make sure your photos, app data, music, safari activities, and contacts have been backed up to cloud services, like i Cloud Drive, Dropbox, or One Drive.

This data will not carry over, but can be added back to your i Phone if you've saved it in the Cloud.

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