Is dean cain dating anyone right now

Whenever Anna pops in, Dean is surprised to see her, but treats her kindly, even going so far as to compliment her appearance on one such occasion.

They were on friendly terms until Anna goes back in time to kill Mary and John so that Sam could never born.

In the real world, she was a model in a magazine for his favorite beer.

Dying from an inoperable brain tumor, Layla and her mother were frequent visitors to Roy Le Grange's church in the hope that he would heal her.

While visiting Sonny's place, Dean found Robin with Timmy, a boy who was being haunted by a ghost.

Dean asked Robin to trust her of the danger but she was reluctant to have anything to do with Dean and revealed she remembered him but Dean forced her to cooperate as he tried - with Timmy's help - to convince the spirit of Timmy's mother to move on.

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Dean spent more than two decades training as a hunter in order to defeat Azazel and avenge the death of his mother Mary.She was his first romantic partner, as well as his first kiss.With Robin, Dean confided in her about his dream of being a rock-star but admitted he might follow in the family business like his father wanted.When he was sixteen, Dean met her while at reform school run by Sonny.Robin played the guitar and gave a few lessons to the boys at Sonny's place and took an interest in Dean.

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