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This NY Times article about The Canyons is one of the best I've read about the filming of a movie, indie or feature film.Chanel is not the usual fried blonde Cal Valley porno chick.

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Questions ranged from those about his career, personal life, condom legislation, the Teen Mom Farrah Abraham sex tape and more.

She says she hates not working, but she does everything she can to discourage prospective employers. Cheap skanks (plus the gross dudes that fuck them for money)walking around in their best micro minis, bedazzled hot pants, stripper heels, doing lines of coke in the toilet, joking to his poor nana about him "popping her cherry" later that night. She’s really good at reading (and exploiting) people.

Not professing any great gift in that area, but I read an interview with him and it gave me the chills. He really did seem like a Bret Easton Ellis character. Am I the only one here that actually loves "The Canyons" especially Deen in it.

He entered the porn industry in 2004 at the age of 18.

He has gained attention due to his relatively slender build, lack of tattoos and everyman appeal, bucking the stereotypical image of hypermasculine male actors in the pornography industry.

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