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On December 22 they had their first child, a daughter, Liliana. Being a rock musician John Rzeznik is cautious on his looks and how he appears in front of people.Although he has never confessed of undergoing any plastic surgery, he seems to have different looks altogether, and fans can’t help it but notice the sudden change in the appearance of his nose and chin.

His previous and current photos provide enough evidence of this.A comparison between his past and current photos shows that he was having a large nose and a broad foundation.His contemporary images show a famous nose bridge that is equally sharped from top to bottom without a comprehensive foundation; a typical indication of rhinoplasty.In 1993, John Rzeznik met Laurie Farinacci in 1990, and they got married in 1993 but divorced in 2003. John Rzeznik married his wife, Melina Gallon in 2005, after dating for a while.They later got married in California, on July 26, 2013, with 120 guests under an oak tree.

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