Kim eugene dating dating ghosts movie

Nowhere does Eugene seem to express any desire for either genders (except perhaps, for admiring himself in a set of speedos) and therein lies the trick.Teenage girls (and more mature ladies) can still use him as a pin-up, gay guys can still lust after him, and straight men can lust after him (with the lesbians probably secretly noting down some flawless hair advice).In addition to his outstanding physique, the famous You Tuber also won the LG Fame US Contest Award.The popular star has a few favourite things which include: Black and grey as his favourite colour, all dinosaurs as his favourite animal, as for his favourite food, Eugene confessed to being unabashedly obsessed with food and could eat anything edible.

He isn’t a celebrity within his own right (hence the subtle cleverness in keeping him an office worker) and so the viewer feels a little guilty for wanting to know personal details about his life (such as his sexual preference).

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I want all of the media here to see this” GFp7RIt HK If I learned how to cook with even half the time I spend watching cooking videos I'd be the next Gordon Ramsay but instead I've chosen to sit here on my ass and watch another chef tell me how to temper chocolate.

ELY (which I am definitely going to make a thing) has the ability to adorably engage with a viewer in a way that many presenters could only dream of – after all, if he’s not doing something adorably quirky, he’s looking painfully dreamy.

This universal appeal is no accident however, and let’s not kid ourselves about how he came to be where he is today.

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