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Visit nine different California parks to discover spectacular coast redwoods, from the top of northern California down to the central coast.

Coast redwoods grow more than 300 feet high, taller than the Statue of Liberty.

A day trip from San Francisco, Muir Woods National Monument has groves of coast redwoods, but is very popular, and parking reservations are required year round.

With little kids, take Main Trail along Redwood Creek, the nature trail, or loop trails to Cathedral and Bohemian Groves.

Essential to a healthy forest, fallen trees become “nurse logs” – ferns, fungus and wildlife make their home here.

Pioneer Nature Trail is level and stroller friendly.

Two of our favorites are the Prairie Creek Trail, from the visitor center, and the James Irving Trail going up from Fern Canyon.

In the Prairie Creek area look for Roosevelt elk, often grazing in the grassy meadow areas.

Stop to see the Icicle Tree, a burl on the coast redwood has grown down so it looks like a melting brown icicle.

In the Sonoma Valley, Jack London State Historic Park includes acres once the ranch owned by writer Jack London.

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