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Beti was naturally reserved, but she and Rachel had built a small friendship over the year Rachel had lived in Kathmandu. It was rare for foreigners to get caught up in the country's strife, but it was not unknown. As a foreigner in a strange land, she was the one who usually asked for assistance, from the locals. with a man whose beauty made all thoughts of Rajendra vanish from her lusting head. His ancestry could have been anything from Indian, to mixed Asian, Spanish, Italian, Arab, or even a Frenchman with a tan. A faint scent of cologne came off him, just enough that she wanted to lean forward and breathe more deeply.

She might have to move her group back to the relative safety of the hotel, quickly. Rachel stood and stared, gape-jawed, at the male anomaly who was climbing to his feet, his hand held out to shake hers. She saw his dark eyes quickly take in her pink hair and the small gold disc on the side of her pierced nose, then come back to meet her gaze.

Rachel widened her eyes at Rajendra, and shook her head. And for God's sake, he should button his shirt to the top. It would explain his faintly detectable disappointment upon seeing her, though. "Thank you." Beti pushed her glasses up her nose and fixed her gaze on Rachel. We need you to lead a trek into the Himalaya, to search for the legendary city of Yonam." Rachel's lips parted as her eyes widened. "Paradise for the men, but likely a hell for the women," he said. "I certainly would not go searching for it." "Someone has already begun the search. Not many romance heroines have pink hair and a nose ring, but sassy Nepal tour guide Rachel Calais does, and her individuality and wry wit are what make this such a delight. As Rachel and Harrison plot to bring down Alan, the chemistry between them hits feverish heights, but will it be enough to keep them together once the adventure is over? What she didn't know was that playing spy could make her pay the ultimate price: her heart. With a stun gun, infrared goggles, and other less conventional forms of nighttime protection, Rachel was a regular Jane Bond, ready to face danger wherever it lurked. -- an international organization fighting such dastardly villains -- had given her a kit to help, as well as Harrison Wiles -- a dangerously sexy man who knew how to watch a woman's back.The stars reminded her of chilly nights with her father, stumbling out onto the lawn in bathrobes and jackets to look for meteors or the fuzzy blob of a comet.

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