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Major brand name advertisers such as Pepsi Co Inc., Georgia-Pacific Corp., State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co., Countrywide Mortgage and T-Mobile withdrew ads placed on Yahoo!

web pages that may have come under association with the offensive chat rooms.

He says “some guys go out there and cheat, I flirt online as an outlet”. Rori, as I have said before I have been applying all your tools before and during my relationship, and even though things are moving along just fine, I can’t seem to ignore the fact that my boyfriend contacts other women and exchanges pictures with them. I have confronted him about this and he knows it bothers me.

I told him that as long as he draws the line with these women it’s ok with me.

This is what they say, however, and how they really might be something else entirely.)There is one small, subtle thing, here, for us to talk about.

If I say it’s NOT okay for a man to actually make contact with other women (except for work, of course, and that’s a whole other issue we’ll discuss) – and I mean here to other women, either in real life or online, whether he calls them “friends” or not – then what about PICTURES of women? A picture is one thing – touching, and voice, email, text, and online contact are completely another.

Is looking at pictures of women and pornography online the same thing as contacting them, gathering them as friends on myspace, etc.? You may differ with me on this (so let me know your opinion) – and I’ve worked with several clients to sort this out.

Let’s start, in this post – with the thing that most stood out for me, Confused’s statement: “He is a guy in the end, so I guess guys need that outlet…”This is not true.

Guys who CHOOSE to be in committed relationships do not “need” anything like this.

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